Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Debut: January 01, 2000
Ended: January 01, 2007

Superhero Birdman of the Galaxy Trio becomes a lawyer. Hilarity ensues.

Harvey: "No Tab, Diet Rite. No Tab, Diet Rite. Following pretty birdy."
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Harvey Birdman: "(to Avenger) Lower! Lower, my friend!"
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Phil Ken Sebben: "Heyyyy... VPs don't fiddle with the piffle! You're an executive!"
Black Vulcan: "In your pants?"
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Harvey: "I'll take the case!"
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Black Vulcan: "NORLISA!!"
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Black Vulcan: "I felt something... happening..."
Peanut: "In your pants?"
Black Vulcan: "That's right. In my pants..."
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Black Vulcan: "That's Supervolt!"
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Harvey: "State your name for the record."
Black Vulcan: "Black Vulcan!"
Harvey: "Now, Mr. Vulcan, tell us about your superpower."
Black Vulcan: "Pure electricity... in my pants."
Juror: "Oh, my."
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