Saber Rider and the Star Sheriff
Debut: September 14, 1987
Ended: September 02, 1988

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriff is another of the Wild West meets The Far Future shows that were popular during the 80's (see Bravestarr). Mankind has begun colonizing the stars, and lawlessness has risen it's head, wild west style, once more. It is up to Saber Rider and his Star Sheriffs in their power suits and futuristic vehicles to bring law to the lands once more. 52 episodes produced. a Studio Pierrot production for World Events Productions.

Fireball: "The biggest race on planet Uma and it's in the bag! -Fireball"
Fireball: "...He's coming straight at me!! -Fireball"
Colt: "stallion power on."
April: "alright ramrod will now take navigational control"
Ramrod: "acknowledge April, navigational control on. Ramrod challenge phase 1."
Ramrod: "Head me up, move em out, Power stride and ready to ride."
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