Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1993

Marsupilami was a Disney cartoon show on NBC Saturday Mornings that lasted only one season. The show is about Marsupilami, a mystical creature with an extraordinarily long tail, and his adventures with his friend Maurice the gorilla. The show was based on a French comic book series of the same name created by Andre Franquin. The format was in the following order: 1: A new "Marsupilami" short. 2: A "Sebastian the Crab" short or a "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show" short. 3: A classic "Marsupilami" short from Raw Toonage. The show was later reran on The Disney Channel (1995-1998), Then on Toon Disney (1998-2009). It has not been on the air since Toon Disney became Disney XD in 2009. The series was seen on Disney Junior in 2012. The show has streamed on Disney Plus since April 2, 2021. International airings of the show: Canada: CityTV Mexico: ? Peru: ATV Brazil: ? UK: GMTV Germany: Super RTL Sweden: ? Australia: ? Indonesia: ? Italy: ?

YouTube Videos
Marsupilami: "(As he hears the telephone ringing) I'LL GET IT! (Uses his tail grab the receiver of the phone) (Covered his nose as he calls) Mr. Norman's office. Please hold. I'll see if he is in. (To Norman) It's for you."
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Marsupilami: "You almost cost me my nighthhood, Bucky. Lucky those alarms aren't too touchy."
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Marsupilami: "I'm Marsupilami. And this is my colleague, Maurice. The world pronoun PhD. That's short for "Pretty Huge Dope"."
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Marsupilami: "Maurice!!! Snap out of it! Say Something. Speak to me...(Mind struck his head) Oh, He can't talk. Uh, How about a little burp? (Maurice flats Marsupilami down then Marsupilami pushes Maurice up) Move it, Maurice."
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Marsupilami: "Houba!"
Marsupilami: ""(To the baby toucan) I am not your Mama, I'm Marsupilami!""
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