Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
Debut: December 15, 2002
Ended: December 15, 2003
Debut: December 15, 2002
Ended: December 15, 2003

A show taking place in the late 80s early 90s about a Robot named Robot Jones that is always picked on and hangs out with nerdy kids and attends 6th grade at polyneuix middle school.

P.E. teacher: "hit the showers!"
Robot Jones's math teacher: "So you want to be a class clown ay. Well I have a place for class clowns it's called the principals office. Now go."
Some random bully: "Hey look everybody that robot kid eats lunch with his but."
P.E. Teacher: "Get down on all fours robot."
Shannon: "Go robot."
Robot Jones: "I made the crab soccer team."
Robot Jones: "I have nerves of steel. No really I have nerves of steel."
Cuby: "Some friend. You just got us detention."
P.E. Teacher: "We're going outside to play crab soccer."
P.E. Teacher: "Robot with your legs so tall why don't you help us win at basketball."
Denny: "Do you really think we'd be friends with a pathetic loser like you."
Robot Jones: "I've shut down and gone to heaven!"
Robot Jones: "that's right, baby."
Robot Jones: "see ya 'round, shannon. oh yeah, and don't forget to wear that sweet, sweet, smile of yours"
Robot Jones: "um...hello...um..Shannon? shannon"
Robot Jones: "Bah, only a stupid human would play with such a pathetic gadget."
Robot Jones: "Final analysis"
Lenny Yogman: "My brother, can you even know how much I love you at this precice moment?"
Lenny Yogman: "Uh oh Robot, looks like my cube is almost completed, so much for your presious cube club, today honor will be ours!"
Robot Jones: "76 the answer is 76 your mathmatical equations are too smart for my superior brian."
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