Wisharoo Park
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2003

Created by Paula A. Luciano, Wisharoo Park is a series all about learning to use your imagination for play and learning. Using the act of wishing, something that every child (and adult) can understand, the show encouraged children to use their imagination to engage in healthy play and discovery, and to discover their own talents. The series starred Wisharoo, a kangaroo who encouraged imagination through wishing. There were many other characters in the park as well. Wisharoo's best friend Cali is fond of painting and coloring. Monkey B enjoys music and rhythm. Ranger Bob has a love of animals and nature. Pompy, a skunk with a cool hairdo enjoys building and crafting. Smaller characters include DanDan & Della Duckle, the park jokesters, Wisher Fish & Mermee, the park storytellers, and Star Silvereybright, the park's most important resident who listens to the wishes of all those in the park. Originally a TV series, the series re-launched as a website in 2011. The series launched a line of books, toys, musical albums, and more.

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