The Borrowers
Release: December 05, 1997
Release: December 05, 1997

The Borrowers are 10 cm high and they borrow things from the family that lives in the house, but when they have to move, they agree, until Arrietty and Peagreen fall out of the moving van and go back to the house where they discover tha the Mr.Potter wants to demolish the house and turn the area into an apartment complex. It's up to them to save the day.

Peagreen Clock: "Peagreen Clock: I don't like milk. -Peagreen Clock"
Peagreen Clock: "Peagreen Clock: I don't like milk. -Peagreen Clock"
Pod Clock: "NO, NO, NO, and again...NO! -Pod Clock"
Pod: "A Borrower is quiet, conscientious and inconspicuous. We don't steal; We borrow. -Pod Clock"
Peagreen: "Great, just great. I've been outside for 2 minutes and I'm covered in poo."
Pod Clock: "We're not vermin. We're not creeps. And we're not pests. We're Borrowers. -Pod Clock"
Pod Clock: "We may be small but heaven help anyone who thinks he might squish us. -Pod Clock"
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