Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers
Release: February 14, 1979

Original title: Bugs Bunny's Valentine A collection of classic Looney Tunes shorts hosted by Bugs Bunny and centered around Valentine's Day. An Elmer Fudd-like Cupid does his usual valentine mission, which was to get people to fall in love just by shooting his arrows at them. He encounters Bugs Bunny and tries to get him to fall in love, all while Bugs tries to get his Looney Tune friends to fall in love too. Including "Hare Splitter" (1948), "The Grey Hounded Hare" (1949), "Little Beau Pepé" (1952), "The Super Snooper" (1952), "Hare Trimmed" (1953), "Wild over You" (1953), "Of Rice and Hen" (1953), "Devil May Hare" (1954) and "Rabbit Romeo" (1957).

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Announcer: "There goes the buzzer, and there goes the rabbit!"
Bugs Bunny: "Rabbit? [Sees the mechanical rabbit]"
Cupid: "[Laughs] Now dat wabbit going to get that! [Aims at feet and fires arrow at Bugs]"
Bugs Bunny: "Wow! [Wolf whistle] What a hunk of feminine pulchritudee!"
Announcer: "The dogs are going wild, and there they go!"
Bugs Bunny: "What? Dogs chasing that cute little bunny? They can't do this! Chivalry is not dead! I'll save you, sweetheart!"
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