Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Release: October 22, 1982
Release: October 22, 1982

In this creative film, you get a look at John Carpenter's original concept for what Halloween sequels would be about. Originally he meant for each Halloween installment to be a totally different story. Unfortunately this film didn't get the unique recognition it deserved because to most fans, Halloween now meant Michael Myers. The story begins when an old toy store owner is ruthlessly hunted down by a bunch of expressionless men in suits. Clutching a Halloween mask, the man seems to have made it to safety after being taken to a hospital. However he doesn't survive the night. To make things more interesting, his killer then commits suicide by lighting himself on fire. Dr Dan Challis who witnesses the firey suicide suddenly finds himself drug into an insane adventure when tghe daughter of the murdered toy store owner seeks his help in finding out why her father was murdered. In the end, neither one of them are prepared for the answer.

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The Silver Shamrock Commercial (To The Tune Of "London Bridge"): "Happy, happy, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Happy, happy Halloween! Sil-ver Shamrock!"
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