Release: April 06, 1990
Release: April 06, 1990

Walker (Depp) is the coolest, toughest hood in his Baltimore high school. His ability to shed one single tear drives all the girls wild, especially Allison Vernon-Williams (Amy Locane). A beautiful, rich "square," Allison finds herself drawn into the world of Cry-Baby and his "drape" pals. Soon she finds herself eagerly inhaling the evil influences of rockabilly music and fast cars. This movie follows the adventures of Cry-Baby who, though he is sent to juvie, is determined to cross class (and taste) boundaries to get Allison back. ~!~Cast~!~ Johnny Depp- Cry-Baby Amy Locane- Allison Susan Tyrrell- Ramona Polly Bergen- Mrs Vernon-Williams Iggy Pop- Belvedere Ricki Lake- Pepper Traci Elizabeth Lords- Wanda Kim McGuire- Hatchet-Face Darren E. Burrows- Milton Stephen Mailer- Baldwin Kim Webb- Lenora Jonathan Benya- Snare-Drum Jessica Raskin- Susie-Q

Pepper: "Crryyy Baaby"
Snare Drum and Susie Q: "Make that monster face Hachet face"
Pepper: "My brother wouldn't touch your titties with a ten foot pole. He likes his women bad Lenora, not cheap."
Cry-Baby: "I'm going to sing something, something hillbilly, something colored, something my daddy would have loved."
Cry-Baby: "you've made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore'"
Cry-Baby: "You got it Alison you got it raw!"
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