Where have the real men gone?

The decline of Masculinity in males in culture.
June 11, 2007
(Humorus article, not too serious)

Back during WWII, you saw real men fighting the enemy. With the help of the US media and entertainment, you saw fine propaganda. Captain America punching a Nazi, movies glorifying the US Troops, etc.

Now? Ha, half the time you'll see movies mocking American men, The news shows do some cooking segment instead of War stories! Why don't they make men out to be real men anymore? Why don't you see that in comics or cartoons? It's too cliché or "out of taste?" I guess Race Bannon and He-Man are too "violent" for todays culture. I guess we'll have to settle for Ash from Pokemon or Peter from Family Guy as our leading men figures.
Speaking of Family Guy, and the Simpsons, why is it they make the men out to be so stupid but the women so intelligent? At least the Brady Bunch had both parents at a average intelligence. But father figures nowdays in shows seem to be retarded and couch potatoes.

Look at 300. Those were some badass men who didnt sit on their asses.. I guarantee you we could solve many world problems with a group of men like that. We'd make the dictator of Iran pee his pants. Sadly, times have changed. We no longer have icons like John Wayne, Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, etc. in Hollywood. We have Hugh Grant and Jude Law. Instead of Bruce Lee we have happy go lucky Jackie Chan, and we have Keanu Reevs of all people being a 'action star.'

What we need is “Mortal Kombat” power. Remember Raiden? Or perhaps Johnny cage? We could use soldiers like them.Unlease Cage, and he would do a Fatality move on them. Punching their head off, or ripping their torso off there body. That's what I want to see. Not someone pleading with the enemy that we know is beyond negotiating.

But as Arnold would say, were a bunch of girly men. Ladies, you know what you want and what you don't want. You don't want the standard college male that is applauded in our society today. What's hot is not a volvo driving, vegitarian eating, green tea drinking, George Michael listining, non-violent, Uber-Sensative, cry-baby, mama's boy, skinny aanorexic, gay acting, American Hating, college 'male.'
Sadly, the majority of the men on campus I see fit that description. And these are our future leaders? Ladies, tell me my long and detailed description of those men is a major turnoff. I hope that there is some sanity left.

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