Times have changed...too much.

Difference in how things were as a kid and now.
December 22, 2006
Remember the 80's and 90's? Early 90's anyway. Hell, even back to the 20's. Before all that pixelated animated crap, where you had cartoons actually drawn by hand, without the aid of photoshop. And voiced by real voice actors, like Mel Blanc, not Aston Kutcher.

Times are changing, for example, at college, I was waiting at line. Person in front of me at this coffee place literally said, "I'll have a Fair Trade Cappuccino sprinkled with Fair Trade Chocolate, and I'll have a Lappe Latte Mocho Mocha. Sheesh, what ever happened to old fashion black coffee?

I'm mad! Everythings different now. The Simpsons isn't funny anymore. Nickelodeon sold out years ago. And except for Adult Swim, the Cartoon network god rid of the classic cartoons for garbage that wouldn't even pass in a middle school film class. Chuck Jones shitted better toons than this.

Don't even get me started on movies. For years there hasn't been a true comedy. when the only thing slightly funny in a new movie is some migit doing stupid crap in Jackass, Movies suck. Once, where National Lampoon meant quality comedy, is now a label for you to know to stay the hell away from that theater.
Holiday Movies are getting even worse. Whoever though of a Danny Devito/ Matthew Broderick buddy movie needs to refund all the money people wasted on it. Santa Clause 3? The Escape Clause? HA HA HA HA HA, oh so funny. NOT!
Just to clarify Jackass sucked, but migits are funny by nature. They look weird.

I don't even watch the news anymore, it's just a repeat of everything on a 24 hour run. It's way to political, and not even in a smart way. The FCC should be censoring boring crap, not cool stuff. (Family Guy recently made this point)

The America and world you loved is gone, it is now replaced by iMac's and this fake punk/emo thing going around.

Hard as it is to believe, your kids will cherish these things, and soon you'll be seeing Drake and Josh as a show on retrojunk.com. Be warned. Now you know why your parents hate all the stuff your into.
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