Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
Release: January 01, 1988
Release: January 01, 1988

It has been 10 years since the last Killer Tomato has been squished into sauce. To this day the tasty red fruit are banned, and some folks fall in to paroxysms of fear at the mention of tomatoes. Still the general public has been lulled into believing that they are finally safe from the genetically engineered scourge. The purpose of this sci-fi sequel is to prove them wrong. The trouble begins when a pizza delivery boy (the pizzas only use non-tomato-base sauce) falls in love with a beautiful girl. Little does he know that she is the assistant of wicked Professor Gangreen who has engineered a brand new kind of tomato that can assume human form.

Charles White: "Cut it! Cut it! Cut it! Save the film, strike the broad and kill the babies. -Charles White"
Professor Gangreen: "Tara is missing! I have worked for years, months, days, minutes, SECONDS to create the perfect woman! -Professor Gangreen"
Matt: "That's the bravest thing I've ever seen a vegetable do. -Matt"
Tara: "Tara: They are gardeners and carpenters, they are not tomato men. -Tara"
Chad Finletter: "The girl of my dreams is a vegetable! -Chad Finletter"
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