Mother Goose Rock 'N Rhyme
Release: May 19, 1990
Release: May 19, 1990

Return to Rhymeland as Shelley Duvall and some very famous friends star in Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme, a live action, comedy/music fable-fest the entire family will flock to! Mother Goose's son, Gordon Goose (Dan Gilroy fromt he band Breakfast Club) has come home to help run the family's down comforter business. But when Little Bo Peep (Shelley Duvall) comes looking for her sheep, Gordon discovers his own mother (Jean Stapleton) has flown the coop, and all the characters are in danger of disappearing without Mother Goose to tell their stories! So begins the odyssey of Gordon and Bo Peep to find Mother Goose (and save Rhymeland) in this star-bursting, hip 'n' hilarious goose chase! Produced by Shelley Duvall, film star and creator of the award-winning series Faerie Tale Theatre, Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme features the biggest names from the movies, music, and television and a wonderfully snappy score of hip-shakin', smile-makin' songs that's sure to win your fairytale fancy!

Little Miss Muffet: "You' ve gotta think to shrink, so you've gotta know to grow! -Little Miss Muffet"
Bo Peep and Gordon: "Bo Peep: This is great! Gordon: It's breathtaking! Bo Peep: That's because there's no air up here. -Bo Peep and Gordon"
The Dank: "Gordon, why don't you come out and play. Why are you always a stick in the mud. GORDON. Now, where gonna show you the way. How not to be a dud. -The Dank"
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