Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers
Release: October 13, 1989
Release: October 13, 1989

Fifth in the Halloween series and the fourth to feature the character of Michael Myers. It is close to Halloween 1989 and Jamie (the heroine of H4) is in Haddonfield's Children's Hospital after attacking her step-mother the year previously. She is being treated by Dr. Loomis with the aid of her step-sister Rachel and Rachel's friend Tina but she hasn't said a word since the attack but to her horror discovers that she has a mind-link to her murdering uncle, Michael who has spent the year recovering from his wounds in a coma and awakes to again go after Jamie. His plan is to lure Jamie out of the hospital by going after Tina (who is going to a Halloween party) and by murdering Rachel. Jamie knows that she must leave the hospital to save herself and with the aid of Dr. Loomis set out to defeat Michael on his own home ground - The Myers house...

Charlie: "You Crazy Son Of A Bitch."
Dr. Loomis: "Charlie... Charlie, Michael Myers Is Outside."
Spitz: "Oh, Mike... Nice Wax Job."
Mikey: "You Touch The Car Again And You're Dead. Okay?"
Spitz: "Okay. Thank You."
Tina: "You're Gonna Get High Blood Pressure, Mikey."
Spitz: "Friends Of Yours?"
Tina: "Stop The Car! I Want A Pack Of Cigarettes."
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