One Crazy Summer
Release: August 08, 1986
Release: August 08, 1986

What was the craziest summer you ever had? Probably pales in comparison to this classic romantic comedy. Hoops McCann may not be any good at the sport whose name he bears, but he IS a talented cartoonist, if only he can find the right angle. To give him a bit of guidance, his friend, George takes him up to Nantuckett for a little R&R, only things don't go as planned. With a young songwriter being chased by a motorcycle gang, possibly losing her grandfather's house, and even Bobcat Goldthwait trashing a model development trapped in a Godzilla costume, Hoops just might find the inspiration to finally finish his story. . .as well as true love. . .

Hoops: "Wow. You have quite a healthy appetite. -Hoops"
Cub Scouts: "Save Him!! -Cub Scouts"
Cassandra: "I would leave him alone if I were you. (Teddy) Why, you know Kung Fu? (Cassandra) No, I know Dow. (Teddy) What's Dow? (Cassandra) Dow's the company that makes Mace.... -Cassandra"
Teddy: "You touched my car!!!!!! Don't ever touch my car!!!! -Teddy"
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