See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Release: May 12, 1989
Release: May 12, 1989

Richard Pryor plays a blind man named Walley Karue and Gene Wilder plays a deaf man named Dave Lyons. They meet in Dave's shop, and become fast friends. When a man gets murdered at Dave's shop, where Walley now works, the two of them become the prime suspects. As they evade the police, they are also tracked by the real killers, played by Joan Severance and Kevin Spacey, who want a gold coin in their possession. Dave and Wally must be each other's eyes and ears to stop the criminals and clear their names.

Braddock: "Was-----there-----a...woman-----present?"
David: "There----was----a-----woman----present."
Braddock: "Why is he talking like that?"
Wally: "Because, he's deaf, not stoooooopid."
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