Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.
Release: January 01, 1991

Detective Harry Griswold is a incompetent NYPD cop that is following a murder case around Kabuki actors. During one of the Kabuki performances he unwillingly obtains the powers of Kabukiman. Harry first denies his new powers but as crime continues to raise across the city he finally faces to his destiny to fight the evil businessman, Reginald Stuart, along with his trainer and ally Lotus.

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Sgt. Kabukiman: "I was depressed, I was confused and I was turning Japanese."
Female Reporter: "How did you feel when you saw rivulets of blood flowing down his beautiful kabuki costume?"
Lotus: "Remove yourself from my body, you filthy oaf!"
Sgt. Kabukiman: "I like a dog-faced monkey that has an appreciation for expensive sports cars."
Jughead: "Who are you?"
Sgt. Kabukiman: "I'm Kabukiman."
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