Release: June 10, 1994
Release: June 10, 1994

Officer Jack Traven fails to capture a mad bomber during a mission. The bomber returns and straps a bomb on a bus, and if the bus goes below 50 mph the bomb will detonate. Traven has to find a way to rescue the passengers, and then finally stop the bomber before he can strike again.

Swat Cop: "Anything else that'll keep this elevator from falling?"
Jack: "Yeah. The basement."
Jack: "You're crazy! You're f***' crazy!"
Howard Payne: "NO! Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm eccentric."
Howard Payne: "Your life is empty because you spend it trying to stop the bomb from becoming"
Annie: "Hey! Get your ass behind the yellow line"
Annie: "Hey! Get your ass behind the yellow line"
Howard Payne: "Be prepared! This is the Boy Scout marching song."
Sam: "Get off my door. This ain't no bus stop."
Jack Traven: "Fuck me."
Stephens (relaying Jack's messages): "Oh darn."
Jack Traven: "How are you feeling?"
Sam: "Like I've been shot."
Jack: "Shoot the hostage. -Jack"
jack traven: "there's a bomb on this bus! -jack traven"
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