Hagar the Horrible
Release: January 01, 1989

Hagar returns home from a two-year war and encounters a tragedy: his two children, Honey and Hamlet, are each facing their own problems. Honey is dating Lute, a lutist from the wrong side of the fjord, and Hamlet flunks out of the Viking Academy to study poetry. Hagar works to rectify these issues and all goes well until he brings several men home to try and date Honey, but she is displeased and wants to marry Lute instead. Hamlet improves his Viking skills in one day, so he can start reading and writing again, and the household is saved!

Narrator: "The most famous Viking of all was Leif Erikson."
Hagar: "Huh?"
Narrator: "OK, OK, Hagar the Horrible."
Narrator: "The age of the Vikings is said to have ended with the conquest of England in 1066."
Hagar: "Don't you believe it."
Narrator: "A long time ago, back in the Middle Ages, the world was in search of some sort of order."
Hagar: "Come on, men. The faster we row, the faster we'll be home with our wives and kids!"
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