Release: September 02, 2005

A young detective (Nick Cannon) goes undercover at an elite private school to destroy an international stolen car ring.

Tracy Stokes: "[realizing wearing his uniform in school] I've feel like step into a Britney Spears video."
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Tracy Stokes: "Hey girls, my name is Tracy and this is my boy here, Alex..."
Hot High School Girl: "Oh, my God, Rob Donovan is here! [they run off]"
Alexander Jeffries: "It's okay. They probably had herpes anyway."
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Tracy Stokes: "[from trailer, at a five-star restaurant with Rob] I'm telling you, in my old neighborhood, gettin' crab is something totally different."
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Tracy Stokes: "I think I just swallowed Nemo."
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Rob Donovan: "[from trailer] If I get so much as a scratch on this car, my dad will kill me."
Tracy Stokes: "[car blows up] Your daddy gon' kill you."
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