Release: January 01, 1970

Young Jimmy, a British lad whose family relocated to the USA, finds himself ostracized by his peers -- and teachers. After being humiliated at band practice, he flees into the woods, where his flute comes to life. Jimmy and Freddie the flute stumble onto a boat (owned by evil Witchipoo), which takes them to Living Island. Witchipoo has spotted the magical, talking flute, and plans to steal it to impress the visiting witch convention and land herself the Witch of the Year Award. But Jimmy's new friends, Mayor H.R. Pufnstuf and the other inhabitants of Living Island, set out to foil Witchipoo's plans. After the cancellation of "H.R. Pufnstuf," makers Sid and Marty Krofft gave the story one final hurrah on the big-screen. The movie seems to be a prequel to the series (though in an episode of the show, Witchipoo stated that she'd never met Boss Witch). Along with the majority of principles from the series, Martha Raye appears as Boss Witch and singer Mama Cass Elliot portrays Witch Hazel. As a result of her appearance in this film, Martha Raye landed the lead role of Benita Bizarre in the Krofft's next series, "The Bugaloos." The movie fared poorly in theatres and basically disappeared until the mid-90s, when it finally got a brief VHS release and some airings on The Disney Channel. The official video is now hard to find, but the film continues to air on occasion on cable.

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Witchiepoo: "Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!"
Orson: "Please, Witchiepoo! Calm down."
Witchiepoo: "Calm down he says. The commander in chief of all witchdom is bringing our convention here and she wants to see my flute and I don't have my flute and he says... CAAAALLM DOOOOWWWN!!!"
Mrs. Fleck: "What's going on? What happened"
Boy 1: "It's Jimmy Mrs. Fleck! Jimmy did it!"
Mrs. Fleck: "It's you again isn't. You little trouble maker!"
Jimmy: "I'm really sorry Mrs. Fleck!"
Boy 2: "Look at my drum Mrs. Fleck. He broke my drum!"
Boy 1: "He kicked me!"
Jimmy: "I didn't kick him, he tripped me, honestly he did!"
Boy 2: "Iroli didn't do anything, Mrs. Fleck. Jimmy's the one."
Mrs. Fleck: "You little bully, you. I'm expeling you from the band."
Jimmy: "No, please don't drop me from the band Mrs. Fleck. My parents will really be upset!"
Boy 1: "It's no wonder you were kicked out of jolly old england!"
Jimmy: "I wasn't kicked out, my dad was transfored here by his buisness frim."
Mrs. Fleck: "Enough with this twiddle twadle! Your holding us up! Go! Scat, Scat! (after walking in the woods, Jimmy sits down by a tree talking to his flute)"
Jimmy: "You sure are a lucky fellow. No teachers to yell at you, no kids to make fun of the way you talk, and luckest of all you can't feel lonlieness. Well, I won't be needing you anymore now that I'm kicked out of the band."
Witchipoo: "Now you're finger-lickin' good!"
Pufnstuf: "You can't cook me, I'm the mayor! I'm out of season. I'll give you heartburn!"
Pufnstuf: "When you said you wanted me for dinner, you didn't say I was gonna be the dinner!"
Pufnstuf: "That Pufnstuf, I ought to feed him to the sharks!"
Witchipoo: "Shut up, down there, you pot-bellied iguana!"
Stupid Bat: "Stupid Bat, reporting for duty!"
Witchipoo: "I've heard about the birds and the bees, but this is ridiculous!"
Witchipoo: "Roses are red, violets are blue. Look who's here... Witchipoo!"
Witchipoo: "They broke my Vroom Broom!"
Boss Witch: "Until then, keep rotten!"
Witchipoo: "My torture racks are jammed with good guys!"
Jimmy: "You're a dear little dragon, you're a personal pal."
Witchipoo: "Oh, why didn't I listen to mother and marry a nice, reliable werewolf?"
Witchipoo: "Scram, or I'll zap you all into centipedes with bad feet!"
Pufnstuf: "The castle's on fire, and I ought to know, I'm the fire chief!"
Witch Hazel: "Honey, you couldn't stop the show with power brakes!"
Witch Hazel: "Hi, Poo, what's new?"
Jimmy: "Freddie's so tiny, he can't stand much torture!"
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