Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part II
Release: October 01, 1996

Henry meets a young woman who invites him to stay at her house; the two establish a strange and complex relationship in which she shows him how to become an arsonist, while he instructs her in cold-blooded murder techniques.

Kai: "Kai: I can't believe I did that last night."
Henry: "You did it, alright. Next time, it'll be even easier."
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Kai: "[to Rooter after he sneaks some drugs into Henry's beer] You shouldn't have done that."
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Henry: "[to Kai after he refuses to smother a woman with a pillow] You woman. You cowardly little girl. Mr. Big-Bad Arsonist."
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Henry: "I got real close to killing myself."
Louisa: "Really?"
Henry: "I was in a motel room with a pistol at my head and my finger on the trigger."
Louisa: "Why were you gonna do it?"
Henry: "I kept thinking about Becky."
Louisa: "Was Becky your wife?"
Henry: "No. She was murdered. Her and her brother, Otis. Becky's body was found chopped up in a suitcase. They never caught the guy who did it. No evidence. No clues."
Louisa: "Are the police still looking for the killer?"
Henry: "I don't think so."
Louisa: "That's evil. [pause] Why didn't you do it? Why didn't you kill yourself?"
Henry: "Why should I? There's plenty of people out there who hate me. I can't let them win."
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Henry: "What's that?"
Kai: "Accelerant."
Henry: "Makes the fire burn quicker?"
Kai: "Five-million times quicker."
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Kai: "[two angry parents stand at the doorstep of Kai and Cricket's in regards to an earlier incident] What?"
Father of Boys: "Is this the guy?"
Obnoxious Boy #1, Obnoxious Boy #2: "No."
Father of Boys: "Where's the jerk who pushed my boys?"
Kai: "What are you talking about?"
Mother of Boys: "Liar! Your neighbors saw the whole thing!"
Kai: "What, are you fucking nuts?"
Cricket: "Listen, assholes, your two little darlings have been harassing my niece and I want it stopped!"
Mother of Boys: "*You're* the assholes!"
Cricket: "Oh, I'm gonna take you down."
Father of Boys: "Tell me where this guy is or I'm gonna start busting heads."
Kai: "Son of a fucking bitch."
Mother of Boys: "Better listen to him, he'll do it!"
Cricket: "Oh, okay, porky!"
Kai: "Stick a sock in her, will ya'?"
Father of Boys: "You're dead."
Mother of Boys: "Fuck him up!"
Kai: "Come on, bust my head. I want you to."
Cricket: "Alright, get the fuck away from my door."
Father of Boys: "You wear the pants in the family?"
Cricket: "Fuck you!"
Father of Boys: "You're a slut!"
Kai: "[spits in his face and slams the door on them; the father continues to bang on the door] Get away from the door or I'll sick the cops on you!"
Father of Boys: "[through the door] I'll sick the cops on *you*, BITCH!"
Kai: "[waits a moment and then looks out the window] They're leaving. [looks out again and laughs] His wife's wiping the spit off his face."
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Construction Worker: "[watching Henry empty a portable toilet] That's a shitty job!"
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Homeless Shelter Man #1: "Did you have a good day?"
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Kai: "She is a great artist. Henry, you have to see her drawings. They're wild. Makes you wonder what's going on in that head of hers."
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