Passenger 57
Release: November 06, 1992
Release: November 06, 1992

John Cutter is a security expert, who is presently still mourning the death of his wife. His friend, who works for an airline, offers him the job of chief of security, which he accepts. He is then being flown to L.A. for the company's annual meeting, where he will be introduced as the new Chief of Security. But unfortunately for him, Charles Rane, a stoic and deranged terrorist, who was caught by the FBI and is also being flown to L.A. is on the plane. And Rane's people are on board, who then takeover the plane but Cutter throws a monkey wrench into his plans.

John Cutter: "I thought you country boys knew how to drive, is that a bunch of bulls**t or what?"
John Cutter: "Ever play roulette?"
Charles Rane: "Ocassionally"
John Cutter: "Well, let me tell you this... Always bet on black!"
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