My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas
Release: October 25, 2005
Release: October 25, 2005

Minty ruins Christmas so she has to see Santa Claus at the North Pole only she isn't a Pegasus and can't fly. So she gets a balloon but then Thistle Whistle crashes it and Pinkie Pie saves Minty and Santa left the North Pole and Went to Ponyville to give Minty her socks back.

Minty: "I was trying to be Santa"
Pinkie Pie: "Why? What's wrong with the real Santa?"
Minty: "Broken..."
Pinkie Pie: "You broke Santa?"
Minty: "No! I broke the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane."
Pinkie Pie: "OH MINTY! Oh, Minty!"
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