The Bogus Witch Project
Release: October 10, 2000
Release: October 10, 2000

In the spring of 1999, two filmmakers entered the Maryland woods to shoot a mock-documentary called The Blair Witch Project. It quickly became one of the most profitable independent films of all times. A number of other filmmakers soon followed the original filmmakers into the woods, creating a number of short parodies of the surprise hit, such as The Linda Blair Project, The Blair Underwood Project, The Watts Bitch Project, and The Walt Witch Project. A production company purchased the rights to several of these short films, then hired comic actor Pauly Shore to appear in short sequences bridging the short subject

Heather: "[Mike just found cigarettes] You fuck! I thought you said we were fucking out! You fucking fuck! I oughta fucking kill you, you fuck!"
Mike: "Man, you cuss like Joe Pesci in "Good Fellas.""
Heather: "Shut the fuck up, you fuck... [close up of Heather's face] I am SO sorry for everything that's happened..."
Mike: "Whatever..."
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