Doctor Detroit
Release: January 01, 1983
Release: January 01, 1983

An ineffectual professor (Dan Aykroyd) becomes involved with the underworld when he is forced to go undercover as a pimp. As it turns out, the life rather suits "Dr. Detroit," and he becomes a minor celebrity.

Doctor Detroit: "Uh, all right, now. Which one of you is Mom? Punctuality is a virtue, my good madam. Let's chew the fat."
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Clifford Skridlow: "From inside the jouster's tents, the sound of the armorers accomplishing the knights. Busy hammers closing rivets up, give dreadful not of preparation."
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Dr. Detroit: "Nothing can destroy the Doctor!"
Clifford: "These people are in academia! Free food is like honey to a bear to these people!"
Dr. Detroit: "I make adjustments to the human spine!"
Dr. Detroit: "Mom, I'm gonna rip off yer head and shit down yer neck."
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