Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns
Release: January 01, 2000
Release: January 01, 2000

One of the most powerful, sinister Pokemon is featured in this entry in the popular animated franchise. Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns involves the genetically created Mewtwo's attempts to capture and harness the power of the beloved Pikachu. It so happens that Mewtwo's bitter over the fact that he's been cloned, and breaks ranks with his former owner in order to create a hidden hideaway where cloned evil Pokemon like himself can reside. When Ash, Misty, and Brock go to find Pikachu, they're in for a fight to the finish

Meowth: "[after seeing the other Team Rocket members blimps] Where are all the Meowth-Head Baloons? -Meowth"
James: "James: Go electricity absorbing wire! -James"
James: "This is like like a sequal to a movie i've never seen. -James"
Jesse Meowth: "Jesse: Don't stick your nose into this, Meowth! Meowth: It's got nothing to do with my nose! -Jesse Meowth"
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