Gas, Food Lodging
Release: July 10, 1992

In the small desert town of Laramie, New Mexico, life is dull as is the love lives of Nora Evans and her two teenage daughters. Beautiful and rebellious Trudi is 17 and spends her time sleeping around and develops a reputation for being easy much to the dismay of her mother. Younger sister Shade is considered a "good girl" who escapes to fantasies of love while watching movie matinees at the local movie house. And single mother Nora struggles to raise her daughters while waiting tables at the local truck-stop and soon becomes the object of several possible suitors set up by Shade who also dreams of being a "normal" family. Life takes some unusual turns when Shade struggles with rejection and another possible love interest, Trudi finds herself pregnant -- and the baby's father mysteriously disappears, and to top it off the girls' long lost father appears out of the blue hoping to make up for lost time. Based on the novel "Don't Look and It Won't Hurt" by Richard Peck. Written for the screen and directed by Allison Anders.

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