Sister Act
Release: May 29, 1992

Sister Act is about a Reno lounge singer named Deloris Van Carter who witnesses her mobster boyfriend killing an employer. She is then hidden in a convent under a witness protection program. She soon makes friends with the nuns especially Sister Mary Robert, Sister Mary Lazuras and Sister Mary Patrick. After the Mother Superior catches Deloris going out to a bar in the night time followed by Mary Robert and Mary Patrick she orders her to join the church choir. Only to find her coaching the choir and turning them into swingin' singin' sisters. The choir proves to be a big success with the surrounding neighborhood, but will Deloris' boyfriend track her down...

Sister Mary Patrick: "Mary Clarence."
Deloris: "What?"
Sister Mary Patrick: "Up and atom. We don't wanna be late."
Deloris: "What time is it?"
Sister Mary Patrick: "It's almost five, Sister Sleepy Head."
Deloris: "5am? Get out of here. I just went to bed 20 minutes ago."
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