Toy Soldiers
Release: April 26, 1991

Billy Tepper is the leader of a group of rebellious guys at The Regis School. He has already been expelled from three prominent private schools. His best friend, Joey Trotta, is the son of the Head of the New York Mafia; Billy, all their friends and many other kids at the school have equally influential and prominent, if more law-abiding, parents. When Luis Cali's father is put in jail, he heads for the Regis school to put theson of the judge in charge of the case under hostage, only to find he has been removed. However, once he realises who the parents of the rest are, he decides the entire student body of the Regis school would be an even better bargaining chip.

Luis: "According to this, your father owns the second largest construction company."
Billy Tepper: "Yeah, he's a contractor."
Luis: "Are you afraid?"
Billy Tepper: "Yes, I am afraid."
Luis: "Good. Don't screw with me."
Headmaster: "Now this object I'm holding here is call... well some of you may have seen one before, it's called a book. You may have seen one on television. -Headmaster"
Henry: "No, the first rule of prep school etiquette is to wait until your roommate falls asleep before beating off. -Henry"
Jonathan: "No, the first rule of prep school etiquette is to pretend you're asleep when your roommate's beating off. -Jonathan"
Ricardo Montoya: "Evidently it's making you fart easier, too.It's the first rule of prep school etiquette. When you're in a basement with no windows, don't fart. -Ricardo Montoya"
Jonathan: "Man, this stuff is great. It's opening up my lungs, it's making me breathe easier. -Jonathan"
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