Garfield in Paradise
Release: January 01, 1986

Garfield, Jon, and Odie go to Hawaii and find themselves in love under the sun. But things heat up when a volcano's spirit hides in their car and they soon find out the story of how a previous car saved the village they visit. It all results in a race against time. Can the car appease the force of the volcano, or will it destroy the village and ruin their vacation?

Garfield: "Whoever said 'getting there is half the fun' should be drug out into the street and shot! -Garfield"
Garfield: "Well, this is JUST ducky! One minute I'm sitting happily at home minding my own business; next thing I know, I'm traveling third class with a fourth-class owner to a fifth-class motel to sleep with a SIXTH-class mutt! -Garfield"
Garfield: "Fix yourself in my shoes. You'd be warm, too, if you wore a fur coat to the beach. Let's do some cruisin'. -Garfield"
the Village tribe and a man from the tribe: "Tribe: "Chrome! Chrome! Chrome!" A Man in the Crowd: "Bop-ba-da-we-bop." Tribe: "Chrome! Chrome! Chrome!" -the Village tribe and a man from the tribe"
Jon and Garfield: "I love the beach, I love the beach, I love the beach, I love the beach! Beauty and the beach! -Jon and Garfield"
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