The Polar Express
Release: November 10, 2004

In the 1950's, a young boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan is hoping for a true belief in the Christmas spirit, but it seems every encyclopedia and source of information denies the existence of Santa at the North Pole. On Christmas Eve night a large train called the Polar Express pulls up outside the boy's house and the conductor tells him to board for a trip to the North Pole. The boy soon finds himself on the train along with an African-American girl, a nerdy and smart-alecky boy, and a shy boy. Upon arriving at the North Pole, all the children prepare to witness a true miracle, Santa delivering the first gift of Christmas before taking off, and letting children know that Christmas spirit only exists to those who believe. Tom Hanks leads in six different roles, opposite the late Michael Jeter as Smokey and Steamer. Robert Zemeckis directs from the screenplay by Zemeckis & William Broyles, Jr.; Based on the 1985 illustrated Houghton Mifflin book by Chris Van Allsburg. Produced by Steve Starkey, Zemeckis, Gary Goetzman and William Teitler; Executive Producers: Hanks, Jack Rapke and Van Allsburg. featuring six Original Songs written and produced by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri; featuring Steven Tyler in "Rockin' On Top of the World" and Josh Groban with the Oscar®-nominated "Believe"; Score Composed and Conducted by Silvestri. A Playtone/ImageMovers/Golden Mean production for Castle Rock Entertainment, with Shangri-La Entertainment. The first CGI film all motion-captured for a Guinness World Record - Imagery and Animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc. Dedicated to the memory of Michael Jeter.

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Conductor: "Who in the blazes applied that emergency brake?"
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Conductor: "Remember, it's not about where a train goes in life. What matters is deciding to get on."
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Kids: "It’s a magic carpet on a rail Never takes a rest Flying through the mountains and the snow Ride for free and join the fun (You can ride for free) If you just say yes! 'Cause that’s the way things happen On the Polar Express Wooo wooo the whistle blows That’s the sound of her singing Ding ding the bell will ring Golly look at her go! You wonder if you’ll get there soon Anybody’s guess 'Cause that’s the way things happen On the Polar Express When we get there we’ll scream “Yes!” (Yeah) We’ll arri"
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Steven: "I didn't do it!"
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Girl: "Look!"
Boy: "ELVES!"
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Boy: "Are we really going to the North Pole?"
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Engineers: "The pin!"
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Waiters: "Hot hot hot!"
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Boy: "I believe!"
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Conductor: "Suit yourself"
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Conductor: "Well, ya comin?"
Boy: "To where?"
Conductor: "Why to the North Pole of course! This is the Polar Express!"
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Conductor: "All Aboooooooooooooard!"
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