Making Contact (Joey)
Release: December 15, 1986
Release: December 15, 1986

Joey (Joshua Morrell) is a 9 year-old boy whose father died, so he lives alone with his mother in a small American town. One day, Joey's toys begin to move and fly around... and so does his little red telephone. As he picks up the phone, he hears the voice of his father. Now Joey finds new hope and acquires amazing telekinetic abilities. But soon it's revealed that the voice on the phone isn't really his father, but an evil ventriloquist's dummy. A kind of psychic battle starts between the two and a research group begins to investigate Joey's telekinetic powers. This horror/sci-fi film was written/directed by Roland Emmerich.

Joey's teacher: ""Well Joey, your mother and I think the best thing for you is when you go back to school tomorrow. What do you think?" "I'm not going to school anymore." -Joey's teacher"
Joey's teacher: ""I heard that such phenomena (telekinesis) usually occure during puberty." "Puberty? Joey just turned 9!" -Joey's teacher"
Joey's mother: ""Who told you that trick?" "It's not a trick" "So how you do it then?" "I just wish it!" -Joey's mother"
Parapsychologist: "The most people don't understand them! They think they a different, strange, but they are not. These people are proof that death, as we know it, doesn't exist. -Parapsychologist"
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