Harold and Maude
Release: December 20, 1971
Release: December 20, 1971

A cult classic about a young, death-obsessed man who falls for a 79 year-old woman who teaches him how to enjoy life. Includes a groovin' score by Cat Stevens.

Harold: "Don't die Maude, for christ's sake!"
Maude: "Oh Harold, don't upset yourself so."
Harold: "I love you! I love you!"
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Maude: "Oh Harold, I am happy! I couldn't imagine a lovelier farewell."
Harold: "Farewell?"
Maude: "Yes, it's my 80th birthday."
Harold: "Well, you're not going anywhere, are you?"
Maude: "Yes dear, I took the tablets an hour ago. I'll be gone by midnight!"
Harold: "(after a very long pause) WHAT?!?!"
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Maude: "Police! Always wanting to play games!"
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Harold: "I like you Maude."
Maude: "I like you Harold."
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Harold: "Do you… enjoy knives?"
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