Irreconcilable Differences
Release: September 28, 1984
Release: September 28, 1984

They have spent almost ten years together but now Casey Brodsky is ready to go out on her own and files for divorce...from her parents. Tired of being caught in the custodial crossfire of her constantly feuding folks and feeling ignored and alienated, the nine-year-old child's case sets off the media as it goes to court. During the trial, through the testimonies, are the flashbacks and memories of how Albert Brodsky and Lucy Van Patten first met, fell in love, got married, and after Casey was born. Life is wonderful, until Albert is given the opportunity to write and direct his first feature film. When he becomes blocked, he asks Lucy to help him with the script. The movie soon becomes a success, but Albert gets all the credit while Lucy gets minor accolades. Things get even more troubling after Albert cast the beautiful (and very ditzy) Blake Chandler in the lead role of their second picture and eventually leads to an affair, the end of the marriage, and Lucy and Casey moving out. After the divorce, Albert and his new leading lady are on the rise of fame while Lucy goes through a depressing slump, but vows to get back on track when she starts writing a novel that eventually becomes a bestseller. And while they have their highs and lows in their careers, young Casey is shuffled back and finds herself spending more time with Maria the maid (whom Casey wants to be her legal guardian) instead of her parents who are either too busy with business or fighting with each other. Directed by Charles Shyer who also co-wrote the script with then wife Nancy Meyers.

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