Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina
Release: March 30, 1994

Thumbelina hopes to see the world and falls for the fairy prince Corneilius. But before they can elope, she's kidnapped by a meddling mother toad, who wants her to marry one of her three odious sons. Thumbelina escapes with the help of her new friends, Juaquamoes the sparrow and the Boodle Bugs. Then she's taken by Berkley Beetle and is forced to perform in his bug nightclub. Corneilius leaves his kingdom to find her. Thumbelina is taken in by a kindly field mouse, who later engages her to old Mr. Mole. Can Thumbelina escape and bring springtime back to the winter-stricken land? Released with the animaniacs big-screen short "i'm mad!"

Cornelius Thumbelina: "Prince Cornelius: I'm Cornelius. Thumbelina: Cornelius. (laughs) -Cornelius Thumbelina"
Toad: "Mama. I...love...her! -Toad"
Mouse: "Marry the mole...Marry the mole! -Mouse"
Cornelius: "Let me be your wings! -Cornelius"
Thumbelina and Mother: "Thumbelina: Mother, have you ever seen a fairy? Mother: Well, I thought I did once. -Thumbelina and Mother"
Thumbelina Cornelius: "Thumbelina: I wish I had wings. Prince Cornelius: Maybe someday you will. -Thumbelina Cornelius"
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