Out for Justice
Release: April 12, 1991
Release: April 12, 1991

Steven Seagal plays a good if troubled man living in a corrupt world (sound familiar yet?) in this action drama. Gino Felino (Seagal) is a cop who grew up in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood, and while many of his old friends now live on the other side of the law, he retains a fierce loyalty to the community. When his partner, a friend since childhood, is murdered — in broad daylight, and in clear view of his wife and children — Gino is assigned to investigate, and he soon learns that the shooter was Richie Madano (William Forsythe), his life-long nemesis and now a low-level wise guy with an addiction to crack. Gino swings into action to bring Richie to justice, though he discovers that he's not the first in line — the Don who oversees Richie's crew is appalled by this crime, and Gino has to bring Richie in before the Mafia can put a bullet in his head. Out for Justice also features Jerry Orbach, Jo Champa, and Gina Gershon; keep an eye peeled for John Leguizamo and Julianna Margulies in small roles.

Gino: "You seen your brother anywhere?"
Patti Madano: "No Gino. (then Gino wildly searches her office) If you're looking for my lipstick, it's in my purse. (She then stops Gino with her foot as he begins to search her desk). I've had enough of this."
Gino (after moving Patti's foot): "Ooh, look what I found. You got a gun."
Patti Madano: "I got a license for that."
Gino: "Where is it?"
Patti Madano: "My dog ate it."
Gino: "You know, this is a year in jail -- Sullivan Act. You think you use a piece of cake?"
Patti Madano: "Oh, aren't you smart?"
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Vinnie: "Are you totally nuts or what?!! You coulda killed somebody upstairsss."
Gino: "But there ain't nobody upstairssss."
Vinnie: "There's nobody upstairss? How would you know? Did you bust in the joint?"
Gino: "You know what? I don't recall."
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Gino: "Don't be a bad guy. Be a nice guy."
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Gino: "Anybody seen Richie? Huh? I'm going to keep coming back until someone REMEMBERS seeinng Richie."
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Gino: "I noticed a lot of boxing memorabilia, trophies, pictures, and gloves on the counter. Who's the boxer?"
Bartender: "Me."
Gino: "Really? You a tough guy?"
Bartender: "Tough enough."
Gino: "Really? What could you do?"
Bartender: "To you?"
Gino: "Yeah. (Then Gino kayoes the bartender with one punch after he swings at Gino)."
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Gino: "Here's my gun. See, fair game now!!! And here's my badge. This is your trophy. Come and get it. Tell one of your jadrools to come and get it."
Sammy: "I'd offer $5000 for that badge right now. 5000."
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Officer Donzinger: "I'm getting too old for this stuff Gino."
Gino: "Yeah, I know what you mean."
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Gino: "You like to beat up on women? Is that it? Beat up on me airhead."
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Nico: "I'm gonna keep comin back here till someone remember seeing Richie!"
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13 years, 2 months ago
My favorite lines in this movie are:

Gino: Don't be a bad guy. Be a nice guy.

Vinnie: Are you totally nuts or what? You could've killed somebody upstairs.
Gino: But there ain't nobody upstairs.
Vinnie: There's nobody upstairs. How would you know? Did you bust in the joint?
Gino: You know what, I don't recall.

Gino: I've noticed a lot of boxing memorabilia, gloves, trophies, and pictures on the wall. Who's the boxer?
Bartender: I am.
Gino: You a tough guy?
Bartender: Tough enough, yes.
Gino: Really? What could you do?
Bartender: To you?
(Then the bartender swings at Gino as Gino knocks him out with one punch)

Gino: Here's my gun. See, fair game now. And here's my badge. This is your trophy. Come and get it. Tell one of your f***** jadrools to come get it.
Sammy: I'd offer $5000 for that badge right now. $5000.

Gino: Anybody seen Richie?
Bar Patrons: F*** you.
Gino: Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
Bar Patrons: F*** off.

Tattoos: You wanna get by me f***face? There are only two things stopping you: fear and common sense. And I'm going to cut your f***** head off!!!!

Tattoos (after Gino clocks him with a towel wrapped around a cue ball): Mother f*****, you knocked my teeth out.

Gino: Look what we have here. You got a gun.
Patty Madano: I got a license for that
Gino: Where is it.
Patty Madano: My dog ate it.
Gino: You know this a year in jail, Sullivan Act. You think you use a piece of cake?
Patty Madano: Aren't you smart?

Richie: You had a piece behind the bar? Why did you let him do that to your face? Why didn't you whack him?
Vinnie: All I know is you clipped Bobby Lupo. Now you want me to go whack a cop?
Richie: I guess we won't have to worry about anyone stepping on your dick.
Vinnie (after being slapped around by Richie): You know how wacko he gets. And what are you doing Bobby like that?
Richie: You're mistaken me for someone who gives a s***. Me and Gino bang heads, and they're going to have to rack him up in a closed casket.
    13 years, 3 months ago
    I greatly enjoy watching this action film. It's currently one of my favorite movies.
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