Endless Love
Release: July 17, 1981
Release: July 17, 1981

17-year-old David (Martin Hewitt) and 15-year-old Jade (Brooke Shields) share a romance that has their respective families on the edge. When Jade's parents try to eliminate David from their lives, he devises a plan that goes haywire and changes the families forever.

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Hugh Butterfield: "[finds Jade with a pill bottle] What are you doing? Give me that!"
Jade Butterfield: "No! No!"
Hugh Butterfield: "Give me that! Open your hand, damn it! Jesus Christ, I don't believe this!"
Jade Butterfield: "[whining] I can't sleep."
Hugh Butterfield: "You don't fool around with these things!"
Jade Butterfield: "[whining louder] I can't sleep!"
Hugh Butterfield: "Neither can anybody else in this house!"
Ann Butterfield: "[Jade sobs, she comes running in] Hugh, for heaven's sake!"
Hugh Butterfield: "She comes in here, and helps herself to these pills."
Jade Butterfield: "I needed something to sleep!"
Hugh Butterfield: "You don't help yourself to pills like this!"
Ann Butterfield: "Why don't you lock the cabinet? [hands in hair] It's too early for all this shouting. Let her have a pill."
Hugh Butterfield: "Stay the hell out of this! [pushing Ann back] I'm the doctor here and I don't want her to have these!"
Jade Butterfield: "[crying] Then give me something else!"
Hugh Butterfield: "You bring your goddamn boyfriend in here, you keep everybody else awake, I'm fed up with it! [slams his fist]"
Sammy Butterfield: "[from upstairs] I can't sleep with all this racket going on! [Keith also comes down the stairs, glaring down]"
Hugh Butterfield: "I will not have this family torn apart! David can not stay here!"
Jade Butterfield: "[tearfully] Yes, he can! It is my room! We are not a couple of little kids!"
Hugh Butterfield: "He doesn't give a damn about you! All he cares about is his own satisfaction! I don't want him in your room, I don't want him in this house!"
Ann Butterfield: "Stop it!"
Jade Butterfield: "[wailing, to Hugh] You're just jealous, you're jealous of us!"
Ann Butterfield: "Baby, calm down!"
Jade Butterfield: "[accusing Hugh] You're such a hypocrite! You say one thing to David, you say something else to me! You change your mind from one minute to the next!"
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Jade Butterfield: "[lovers' idle banter as they caress] Do you think I'm too small on top?"
David Axelrod: "You're perfect."
Jade Butterfield: "[vainly giggling] My eyes are too close together."
David Axelrod: "They're perfect."
Jade Butterfield: "[little smile] When I'm wrinkled and fat, you'll stop loving me. C'est la vie. [aims a kiss at him, laughing]"
David Axelrod: "I'll never stop loving you."
Jade Butterfield: "You can't say that. You don't know. [nestling her head on his chest]"
David Axelrod: "Yes, I do. I knew that from the very first. [his hand slowly strokes from between her shoulder-blades up to the back of her neck] I'll never stop loving you. I never want to. You're all I care about. And me. The person I am when I'm with you."
Jade Butterfield: "It's kinda scary. It keeps on getting stronger and stronger. I used to think it would be... [kiss] like being thirsty. Sometimes you'd feel like you'd had enough. [laughs, shakes head] It's not like that. [kisses]"
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Hugh Butterfield: "[sternly] David. I don't want you to go into the house."
David Axelrod: "[looking back at him] Why? What's the matter?"
Hugh Butterfield: "[continues cleaning his car] You and Jade won't be seeing each other for a while."
David Axelrod: "[incredulously] What?"
Hugh Butterfield: "You heard what I said. This thing's gotten totally out of control. I made a mistake giving you so much freedom around here. Now Jade's fallen behind in her schoolwork, she can't sleep at night."
David Axelrod: "Just a second. I mean, Jade didn't say anything to me about this."
Hugh Butterfield: "Well, I'm telling you. I want you to stay away until after school is out. Thirty days."
David Axelrod: "You can't do this...!"
Hugh Butterfield: "Don't you tell me what I can do and can't do. Jade is my daughter. She's only fifteen years old. [snorts, walks away carrying two pails of water] After thirty days, we'll take another look at the situation. Do you understand?"
David Axelrod: "Is she in there?"
Hugh Butterfield: "[warning tone] Don't you go in that house."
David Axelrod: "I'm going to talk to Jade. [Ann appears in the doorway]"
Hugh Butterfield: "[snarls at David] You get the hell outta here!"
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Ann Butterfield: "What's that look?"
Hugh Butterfield: "David's here! I just caught them bare-assed in her room!"
Ann Butterfield: "[laid back] My God! I thought it was something awful. [sighs] You were meant to catch them, I'm sure."
Hugh Butterfield: "[fuming] She didn't even bat an eyelash."
Ann Butterfield: "[scoffs] You didn't raise her to be a hypocrite. [pulls curtain over doorway for privacy] You know he's been staying over, don't you? [gets surprised look] Yes, he hides in the house till they think we're asleep. And of course he scuttles away at dawn. They're rather sweet. Like bats. [smiles, imitating bats flying off]"
Hugh Butterfield: "[shaking head in dismay] I do not know what to do about this."
Ann Butterfield: "[ironic] I am so happy to hear you say that. You are always so definite with the children. Let's all be open about sex. [elementary gesture] Well, they certainly got the idea. They feel free to express love. It's worth all those awful frank discussions at the dining room table."
Hugh Butterfield: "[rising] We're not talking about morality."
Ann Butterfield: "I'm - - [interrupted]"
Hugh Butterfield: "This boy thinks he can come in here-..."
Ann Butterfield: "[insisting] They believed everything that we said. Imagine."
Hugh Butterfield: "A girl like that doesn't have to take the first guy who comes along."
Ann Butterfield: "Oh, I didn't realize we were saving her for somebody special."
Hugh Butterfield: "Oh..."
Ann Butterfield: "Are we saving her for someone rich?"
Hugh Butterfield: "God damn it! That's not fair! The girl is fifteen years old! Now when is she gonna study, when is she gonna sleep?"
Ann Butterfield: "Come on. You're the one that's always saying she's sleeping too much. I know it's difficult, but aren't you happy that she has someone? That someone finally had the courage to wake up Sleeping Beauty? [Disgruntled, Hugh takes a swig of orange juice] It had to happen, sooner or later. [Hugh mulls over, frowns, sighs deeply]"
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Ann Butterfield: "[to David] I think that night... that night that I came down and saw you with Jade and then made love to my husband... I was making love to you."
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David Axelrod: "I heard you were writing again. It's great. Tell me... That story you wrote about me. Do you have a copy? I'd like to read it sometime."
Ann Butterfield: "It isn't just about you. It's about you and Jade and me. It's about the time I saw the two of you making love."
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David Axelrod: "I'll never stop loving you."
Jade Butterfield: "You can't say that. You don't know."
David Axelrod: "Yes, I do. I knew that from the very first. I'll never stop loving you. Never want to. You're all I care about! And me. The person I am when I'm with you."
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David Axelrod: "[to Jade] I had to see you again. I haven't changed... I love you."
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David Axelrod: "[after Ann Butterfield tried to seduce him] I know it's difficult to understand, but I can't make love to anybody but Jade. It's just the way I feel."
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Arthur Axelrod: "[to David] I'll tell you something. Seeing you in love reminded me of what it's like. I never thought I could believe in all this a second time."
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Jade Butterfield: "What would you do if I died?"
David Axelrod: "I'd die... I'd die too."
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Keith Butterfield: "[sees a ramshackle hunting lodge] My grandfather built that place. Then my father let it go. I'm going to rebuild the whole thing one of these days."
David Axelrod: "Yeah. It's a great idea. You're good at doing things like that. I'll help you, okay? We'll come up here on the weekends. And Jade would love it. I mean, of course, this is a place for the whole family."
Keith Butterfield: "Just because you're fucking my sister doesn't mean you're part of the family."
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Arthur Axelrod: "No one ever thinks they can forget their first love. But we can."
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Jade Butterfield: "It was a once in a lifetime thing, David. I know that! And it came in a time when we were too young to handle it. That was the terrible part."
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Ann Butterfield: "[to David] Of all the things I regret I did, the ones I didn't, are the ones I mourn the most."
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Jade Butterfield: "You know what I keep thinking about? A night in the house. I was a little girl, and then I saw David all alone. And I don't know. I just... I wanted to go to him. Was that wrong? I wasn't a happy little girl anymore. Something changed. The first time in my life I was me."
Ann Butterfield: "Life goes on. We change."
Jade Butterfield: "But it hurts. It hurts so much."
Ann Butterfield: "Oh, Baby, it all happened so fast for you. When you live a lifetime you'll understand it."
Jade Butterfield: "But he loved me. He loves me! No one will ever love me as much."
Ann Butterfield: "Many people will love you. You'll see."
Jade Butterfield: "But not like that. Not like David."
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