Loose Cannons
Release: February 09, 1990
Release: February 09, 1990

Emotionally-scarred cop Ellis Fielding (Dan Aykroyd) has been matched up with a by-the-book police veteran named Mack Stern (Dan Aykroyd) to solve a Nazi-related crime. Along the way, they gain assistance from a porn magnate named Harry "The Hippo" Gutterman (Dom DeLuise) and a Mossad agent named Riva (Nancy Travis).

Gutterman: "They're fucking with the wrong Jew this time!!!!"
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Gutterman: "How do I feel? I will tell you. I have a hole in my a**."
Doctor: "I guess that's why they call you an a**hole."
Gutterman: "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"
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