Release: May 13, 2003

Real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy (Mark Holton) is the subject of this disturbing biographical drama. Although Gacy is a family man and respected business owner, and even entertains locals as a clown, he hides a murderous pastime. Traumatized by his childhood experiences at the hands of an abusive father (Adam Baldwin), Gacy lures young men to their deaths, hiding their bodies in the crawlspace under his house. As Gacy's grisly rampage continues, the authorities start to close in.

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Title Card: "After serving 18 months in the Iowa State Reformatory for sodomizing a boy, John Wayne Gacy was paroled. He returned to his birthplace, Chicago to try to put his life back together."
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Title Card: "[last lines] It's estimated that Gacy picked up over 2000 men. Twenty-nine of them were exhumed from Gacy's crawlspace and four were retrieved from the Des Plaines River. At midnight, on May 10, 1994 John Wayne Gacy was killed by lethal injection. His last words were "Kiss my ass!""
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Eddie Bloom: "[working in the extremely bug infested crawlspace] I'm charging him double for this."
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John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "That's the sound of maggots... Millions of maggots in that crawl space."
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John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "Wanna get high?"
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Dave: "You are all um, truly fortunate to have as a friend and colleague, uh, Mr. John Wayne Gacy."
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John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "What, you never seen a clown before?"
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Det. Ritzik: "We'd like to search your house."
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "You got a warrant?"
Det. Ritzik: "Well, no."
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "Fuck off, douchebag!"
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Kara Gacy: "God only knows what you're doing in there!"
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: "What I am doing in that garage is all business related!"
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