Release: July 01, 1987

Lt. Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid), a former Air Force pilot, volunteers to be miniaturized with the help of two experimental microchips. But as techno-thieves steal one of them, he is injected into supermarket clerk Jack Putter (Martin Short). Now they must find the missing chip with the help of Tuck's ex-girlfriend, Lydia (Meg Ryan), before the air supply in the pod that Tuck is piloting around inside Jack's body runs out.

Jack: "*realizing he's hearing a man in his head* I'M POSESSED!!!"
Tuck: "Congratulations, Jack. You just digested the bad guy."
Tuck: "We're gonna drink this one to Ozzie. A good man who tried to save my ass by injecting me into yours."
Tuck: "When things are at their darkest, pal, it's a brave man that can kick back and party."
The Cowboy: "Women love me. But you know that."
Jack: "Jack Putter to the rescue! -Jack"
Jack (posing as The Cowboy): "You see 'The Outlaw Josey Wales'? What a flick! -Jack (posing as The Cowboy)"
Tuck: "At least when my moment of truth came, I didn't take a dump down the leg of my flight suit. -Tuck"
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