The Wiz (1978)
Release: December 15, 1978

Based on the Broadway musical, this musical fantasy puts an urban twist on "The Wizard of Oz". Dorothy is a shy, twenty-four year old Harlem schoolteacher who finds herself magically transported to the urban fantasy Land of Oz, which resembles a dream version of New York City. Befriended by a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion, she travels through the city to seek an audience with the mysterious Wiz, who they say is the only one powerful enough to send her home.

Dorthy: "Come on now, ease on down, ease on down the road!"
Scarecrow: "King of the jungle!"
Tin Man: "King of the cowards."
Cowardly Lion: "Don't give up the shoes, Dorothy!"
Aunt Em: "Girl, you know are 24 years old and you've never been south of 125th Street."
Scarecrow: "Where the little boys at?"
Tin Man: "And I will miss you everyday. Even if I had to go back to that junk pile, even as Teenie's seat cushion, I wouldn't mind, because I have known real love."
Dorothy: "Oh, don't rust yourself."
Scarecrow: "'Success, fame & fortune, they're all are illusions. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share'."
Dorothy: "That's beautiful, who said that?"
Scarecrow: "I did."
Cowardly Lion: "Oh, I should've stayed back at the library... -Cowardly Lion"
Evilene: "Suffering is food for the soul, right? Then suffer!! -Evilene"
Evilene and Winkie: "All lunch hours are cancelled!" "Please oh beautiful one! We haven't had a lunch hour in six months! -Evilene and Winkie"
Dorothy: "Come with us to the Emerald City."
Lion: "I'd love to, but I can't."
Dorothy: "But why?"
Lion: "Because I'm scared!"
Aunt Em: "You get me so worked up I'm beginning to sound like a Jewish mother. -Aunt Em"
Lion: "How DARE you touch the personage of a king? You tacky package of horse fodder! Be gone, you over excited slot machine!"
Lion: "It's no wonder they threw me out of the jungle, I.O.B.K!"
Scarecrow: "I.O.B.K.?"
Lion: "Incapable of Being King."
TinMan: "OH TEENIE!!! OH TEENIE!! -TinMan"
Dorothy and TinMan: "But everyone has a heart. Alas, everyone except yours truly. -Dorothy and TinMan"
Tin Man: "The genius who created me only took care of my dashing good looks, razor sharp wit and irresistible attraction to the wrong women. What he forgot.. was a heart."
Scarecrow: "This is just an experiment. (Dorothy tries to help him off the pole, but he falls down) The results of the first experiment: Subject is a hopeless failure. -Scarecrow"
Crow: "What is goin' down in that hayloft you call a head? -Crow"
Miss One: "Count your blessings, cut your losses and follow the yellow brick road. -Miss One"
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