The Wiz (1978)
Release: December 15, 1978
Release: December 15, 1978

"2 hrs. 13 min. In this Sidney Lumet-directed Motown rendition of THE WIZARD OF OZ, Diana Ross plays a soulful Dorothy, accompanied by a cast peppered with R&B stars such as Roberta Flack and Luther Vandross." Cast and Credits Starring: Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, Mabel King, Theresa Merritt, Thelma Carpenter, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, Stanley Greene, Clyde Barrett, Roderick Specer Sibert, Kashka Banjoko, Ronald Stevens, Tony Brealond, Joe Lynn, Clinton Jackson, Charles Rodriguez, Carlton Johnson, Ted Williams, Mabel Robinson, Damon Pearce, Donna Patrice Ingram, Harry Madsen, Gloria Van Scott, Vicki Baltimore, Carlos Cleveland, Mariann Aalda, Aaron Boddie, Gay Faulkner, Ted Butler, T. B. Skinner, Jamie Perry, Daphne McWilliams, Douglas Berring, James Shaw, Johnny Brown, Gyle Waddy, Dorothy Fox, Frances Salisbury, Beatrice Dunmore, Traci Core, Donald King, Claude Brooks, Billie Allen, Willie C. Carpenter, Denice Dejon, Kevin Stockton, Alvin Alexis, Diana Ross, Theresa Merritt, Roberta Flack, Cissy Houston, Gwen Guthrie, Luther Vandross Directed by: Sidney Lumet, Rob Cohen

Dorthy: "Come on now, ease on down, ease on down the road!"
Scarecrow: "King of the jungle!"
Tin Man: "King of the cowards."
Cowardly Lion: "Don't give up the shoes, Dorothy!"
Aunt Em: "Girl, you know are 24 years old and you've never been south of 125th Street."
Scarecrow: "Where the little boys at?"
Tin Man: "And I will miss you everyday. Even if I had to go back to that junk pile, even as Teenie's seat cushion, I wouldn't mind, because I have known real love."
Dorothy: "Oh, don't rust yourself."
Scarecrow: "'Success, fame & fortune, they're all are illusions. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share'."
Dorothy: "That's beautiful, who said that?"
Scarecrow: "I did."
Cowardly Lion: "Oh, I should've stayed back at the library... -Cowardly Lion"
Evilene: "Suffering is food for the soul, right? Then suffer!! -Evilene"
Evilene and Winkie: "All lunch hours are cancelled!" "Please oh beautiful one! We haven't had a lunch hour in six months! -Evilene and Winkie"
Dorothy: "Come with us to the Emerald City."
Lion: "I'd love to, but I can't."
Dorothy: "But why?"
Lion: "Because I'm scared!"
Aunt Em: "You get me so worked up I'm beginning to sound like a Jewish mother. -Aunt Em"
Lion: "How DARE you touch the personage of a king? You tacky package of horse fodder! Be gone, you over excited slot machine!"
Lion: "It's no wonder they threw me out of the jungle, I.O.B.K!"
Scarecrow: "I.O.B.K.?"
Lion: "Incapable of Being King."
TinMan: "OH TEENIE!!! OH TEENIE!! -TinMan"
Dorothy and TinMan: "But everyone has a heart. Alas, everyone except yours truly. -Dorothy and TinMan"
Tin Man: "The genius who created me only took care of my dashing good looks, razor sharp wit and irresistible attraction to the wrong women. What he forgot.. was a heart."
Scarecrow: "This is just an experiment. (Dorothy tries to help him off the pole, but he falls down) The results of the first experiment: Subject is a hopeless failure. -Scarecrow"
Crow: "What is goin' down in that hayloft you call a head? -Crow"
Miss One: "Count your blessings, cut your losses and follow the yellow brick road. -Miss One"
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