The Amityville Horror
Release: July 27, 1979

The Lutz Family moves into a house on the coast of long island, thinking that it is their dream home. They quickly realize that all is not as it seems. A room full of flies, priests and nuns are driven away from the house in fits of sickness, and a secret room that seems to be a gate to hell are just some of the things they face in the house with the creepy-window eyes! Creepy Skeleton head! Classic horror film.

George: "[shouts] I'm coming apart!"
George: "Houses don't have memories."
Caterer: "The deal was cash. You know? Cash."
George: "[washing his face] The cash is lost. You're going to have to take a check."
Caterer: "I don't like checks. Checks get cancelled. Checks bounce. Checks is not cash. Cash is cash."
George: "You listen to me, pal. I don't like lectures and I don't like being hassled in the men's room. I'm going to write you a check. Either that's good enough for you or you're going to eat your own goddamn food."
Kathy Lutz: "She was shot in the head."
Sgt. Gionfriddo: "Maybe I am just chasing shadows."
Carolyn: "[possessed] Find the well... it's the passage... to hell! SHUT IT!"
Kathy Lutz: "[to George, after having an encounter with Jody] What I saw was not a cat!"
Kathy Lutz: "[George goes back to rescue the family dog] George! No! No!"
The House: "GET OUT!"
George: "[talking to the presence in the house] What do you want with us? Goddamnit, this is *MY* house!"
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