Release: May 15, 2020
Release: May 15, 2020

A reboot of the iconic franchise "Scoob!" follows an origin story for Mystery Inc. and how they are joined by Dynomutt and Blue Falcon to solve their most challenging mystery: The origin of Mystery Inc.'s mascot in conjunction with Dick Dastardly's plot to cause a global "dogpocalypse" within the unleash of a giant three-headed ghost dog, Cerberus. Based on characters created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Mrs. Rogers: "[from inside the Rogers' family home on Halloween night; reminding to Young Shaggy] Shaggy. You and your new friend better hurry up of you want to trick-or-treat."
Shaggy: "[heads to his room; from inside] Yay! Okay, mom."
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Male Police Officer: "[to Young Shaggy] What's his name?"
Young Puppy: "I don't have one."
Shaggy: "[hesitates to a box of Kurinsky's Scooby Snacks] His name's… Snacks."
Officer: "What?"
Puppy: "Snacks?"
Shaggy: "Uh. I mean… Scooby…"
Officer: "[alternatively; tendrum questions] Middle name? Last name?"
Shaggy: "[alternatively; answers above] Dooby… Doo."
Officer: "All right. If the dog has a middle name, there's no punishment for damages or theft. I don't like it, but them's the laws. [Goes away in his bike] Well, have a good day, sir. Mr. Dooby-Doo."
Shaggy & Scooby: "[they both laugh]"
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Male Police Officer: "[approached to Young Shaggy and a Young Puppy at the beach; just after they are sandwiches with gyro meat] There you are! [Shaggy yelps as he holds a puppy] This mangy stray's done enough damage for today. He's coming with me."
Shaggy: "[stands up] He's not a stray."
Officer: "Is he your dog?"
Shaggy: "[to Officer] He is, like… totally mine. [whispers to Puppy] If you wanna be."
Puppy: "I'd like that very much."
Officer: "Okay, then."
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Blue Falcon: "Time to pay your crimes, Dick Dastardly."
Shaggy Rogers: "[handles Falcon's unmasking] …or is it? [Shaggy unmasks the fake Dick mask to reveal…]"
Mystery, Inc. Gang and Dynomutt's Team: "Simon Cowell? [Muttley growls at Simon]"
Daphne Blake: "Wow. That is a solid impersonation."
Simon: "Thank you. I also played Rum Tum Tugger in my secondary school's production of 'Cats'."
Velma Dinkley: "This makes no sense. How could he have time to judge the world's greatest talent shows and build a giant airship? [Velma unmasks the fake Cowell mask to reveal the REAL…]"
Gang & Team: "Dick Dastardly?"
Dick: "Drat. No one ever goes for the double unmasking. [Muttley snickers]"
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Dick Dastardly: "[He and Muttley, his dog, arrives via Rottens; after Shaggy & Scooby reunited towards the ending] Put me down, you traitorous tin cans!"
Rottens: "[agrees command and releases Dick and Mutt; Dastardly groans]"
Muttley: "Rasm-Frasm, stupid robots."
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Young Shaggy: "[As he spills his just-paid meal from Casey's Creations, as a young puppy, rolling a tube of gyro meat, is chasing in front of the police officer] Zoinks! Like… Slow down, dude."
Young Shaggy's Phone: "[He puts on earbuds starts listening to 90's Boy Bands ♪(Backstreet Boys' "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely)♪.]"
Shaggy: "[His eyes widen as he changes his phone's playlists, playing the song with the meaning of "Lonely"]"
Shaggy's Phone: "• Soft Hits of the 70's: ♪[Three Dog Night's "One" (Single Version)]♪ • Sweet Songs of the 60's: ♪[Bobby Vinton's "Mr. Lonely"]♪"
Shaggy: "[Depressed; He switches to "Motivational Message Radio" with a topic titled "You Can Make Friends", starts walking around Venice Beach]"
Ira: "[on podcast] Hello, I'm Ira Glass. Welcome to another episode of my podcast: "Friends, Who Needs Them? You Do." This week's challenge, put yourself out there. When the hand of friendship is offered to you, take it. You can do it. Now go, make some friends."
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