Muriel's Wedding
Release: March 10, 1995
Release: March 10, 1995

In the small town of Porpoise Spit, Australia, social misfit Muriel Heslop spends her days locked in her room listening to the music of ABBA while dreaming of her wedding day. However, she has at least two problems: she's never had a boyfriend and she's not as pretty as her so-called friends. After they shun her, Muriel steals money from the family's bank account and goes on a tropical vacation...where the girls (who are on the same island) ditch her again. Muriel then meets Rhonda, an old high school friend who inspires her to make a fresh new start. So she moves to Sydney, changes her name to Mariel and sets out on an exciting adventure in the hopes of it ending with the words "I do". Soon her world is turning (not to mention people's heads) when she becomes engaged to a popular and handsome swimmer. But her path to the altar has it's share of bumps along the way. Written and directed by P.J. Hogan.

Joanie Heslop: "You're terrible, Muriel."
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