National Lampoon's Senior Trip
Release: September 08, 1995
Release: September 08, 1995

In this over-the-top comedy, a group of rowdy high school students -- whose idea of a good time is throwing a wild party at the home of Principal Moss (Matt Frewer) while he's busy at school -- winds up in detention. As punishment, they're instructed to write an essay on what's wrong with America's educational system. The class brain, stuck in detention with the partiers, comes up with a well-written piece that's sent to the president of the United States. The president is so impressed that he invites the students to Washington, D.C., to speak before Congress. Senator John Lerman (Lawrence Z. Dane), one of the president's chief rivals, knows the truth about the students, and he seconds the idea of bringing them to Washington, certain that their behavior will embarrass the president. Principal Moss, sex-starved teacher Tracy Milford (Valerie Mahaffey), and drug-addled bus driver Red (Tommy Chong) load the troublemakers onto a bus and hit the road for the nation's capitol -- and mayhem ensues. "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" was helmed by Kelly Makin, who also directed the TV series "Kids in the Hall"; Kevin McDonald, a former Kid in the Hall, has a small part as a deranged crossing guard.

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