Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Release: January 25, 2002

Steve Oedekerk, The Director who brought you Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Jimmy Neutron, Barnyard, and the Nutty Professor, Brings you this funny Martial arts comedy from a 1970s Hong Kong Flick. Steve Oedekerk Directs,Produces,Writes,and Stars in this movie playing the part about a man, named The Chosen One who lost his family at birth by a man named Master Pain (Also known as Betty). With the help of Master Tang, an old wise Martial arts master who swallowed a butterfly, his assistant Ling, who whines a lot, her boyfriend Wimp-Lo, who is always looking for a fight, and a one-boobed chick named Whoa, he finds a way to avenge his family's death and solve the mystery of the Evil Council. This film was a remake to the 1970s Hong Kong Film: Hu hao shuang xing also known as Tiger and Crane Fist.

Narrator: "[introducing the DVD] Half of the film you're about to see is actual footage from a 1970's Hong Kong film. The other half was shot, by this man...."
Chosen One: "[pops into view] Hey: Where are my ears?"
Narrator: "...who, by the miracle of modern-day technology, has been integrated and transformed into... "The Chosen One"."
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Chosen One: "I need gopher-chucks."
Master Tang: "The man you seek his name is Master Pain. He has great powers and is well protected by the Evil Council. (Chokes on butterfly)"
Ling: "Wee Oh Wee Oh Wee!"
Wimp-Lo: "I rock and roll...All day long, Sweet Suzie!"
Wimp-Lo: "Knock Knock Who's there? Your butt that's about to be kicked."
Betty(Master Pain): "Gentlemen, from this day forward, you will all refer to me by the name 'Betty'. Myya ha ha ha"
Chosen One: "But...Isn't 'Betty' a womans name?"
The Mayor: "Now then, Master Pain has heard rumors that The Chosen One's been spotted in town. Do as he says or he'll cut off your big toe. Now, on that you could trust me". (Applause) "Please that's tender...That is tender."
Ling's Father: "Let me know if you see...a Radio-Shack."
Chosen One: "I'll take a pound of nuts."
Shopkeeper: "THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS! (wraps them in a paper bag)"
Shopkeeper: "(On his cell phone) HE JUST LEFT...WITH NUTS!"
Betty(Master Pain): "Stinky pits and all baby!"
Whoa: "Remember, avoid the meadow."
Masked Fighter: "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"
Fighter with Lisped Voice: "Your days are over, Mister!"
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