The Living Daylights
Release: June 29, 1987
Release: June 29, 1987

James Bond helps a Russian General escape into the west. He soon finds out that the KGB wants to kill him for helping the General. A little while later the General is kidnapped from the Secret Service leading 007 to be suspicious. The 15th film from the Legendary James Bond series starring Timothy Dalton as a British super agent.

Kara: "You were fantastic. We're free."
James: "Kara, we're inside a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan."
Brad: "That's too bad, Bond. You could've been a live rich man, instead of a poor dead one."
(As they sled through customs) James: "We have nothing to declare."
Kara: "Except the cello!"
Q: "(Demonstrating a rocket launching boombox) "Something we're making for the Americans. It's called a 'Ghetto Blaster'.""
James: "(Struggling with Kara's cello) "Why didn't you learn the violin?""
James: "Don't think. Just let it happen."
Kara Milovy: "What happened?"
James Bond: "He got the boot."
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