Release: August 21, 1998

When Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, she did not know that she gave her son a special gift while dying: All the good vampire attributes in combination with the best human skills. Blade and his mentor Whistler battle an evil vampire rebel (Deacon Frost) who plans to take over the outdated vampire council, capture Blade and resurrect voracious blood god La Magra.

Blade after being shot by police in hospital: "what the fuck, you out your damm minds."
Blade: "Some motherf**kers are always to ice skate uphill"
blade's mother.: "Sooner or later.The thirst always wins."
Blade: "Quinn I'm getting a little tired of chopping you up thougt I might try fire for a change [Quinn speaking SLAVIC] give my regards too FROST! -Blade"
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