Suburban Commando
Release: October 04, 1991
Release: October 04, 1991

In this scifi/comedy Hulk Hogan plays an intergalactic warior named Shep Ramsey who must land on Earth to repair his ship after he accidently damages the dashboard following a deep space battle with his arch enemy General Suitor. The only problem with this is that he hates Earthlings. He then rents a workshop turned apartment which is owned by a man named Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd) and the comedy ensues. It turns out that Shep is being tracked by two burly bounty hunters (Undertaker and Jake The Snake) who Charlie leads rite to him by charging one of Shep's weapons and sending out an electronic beacon. Once on Earth the bounty hunters track Shep down and a "clash of the titans" breaks out while Charlie and Shep search for some special crystals that Shep can use to fix his ship. Once the battle is over and Shep has his crystals he goes back to work on his ship only to be confronted by Suitor himself who tries to lure Shep by threatening Charlie and his family. The out come of the final battle is hilarious and we find out that Suitor isn't as weak and frail as he looks.

Charlie Wilcox: "Shep, I'm sorry."
Ramsey: "I told you I don't do goodbyes."
General Suitor (barging in): "But I do."
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Hutch (in a kid's voice): "You're a dead man Ramsey."
Ramsey: "No wonder you guys don't talk."
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Charlie Wilcox: "I was frozen today."
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